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“Coming to Detox's Private side is like being Alice in Wonderland.”

Vladimir Sip

“This time last year, I couldn’t beat 25NL. My roommate and I were losing players walking around the WSOP towards the end of summer feeling defeated.”

Ben Page

“I saw online crushers and wanted to perform like them, but never knew how they saw the game until now.”

Jeremy Gibson,

“The protocols taught in the Poker Detox 30-Day Training Camp made such an impact on my game that I thought I would be an idiot to not want more of this… and I was right.”

Ville Junttila

“Coming to Detox’s private side is like taking a weight off one’s shoulders, knowing that the path to high stakes is already written.”

Nahum Maldonado

“Success in this industry, and in life, comes down to how intentionally you pursue something, and the priority that you place on it.”

Robby Haag

“I’ve been given a cheat sheet that shows me where the money is made and the areas I should improve. No more confusion.”

Rutger Oskam

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