How To Use The Poker Detox Training Program To CRUSH Both Known And Anonymous Pools

Author: Nick Howard - Founder & CEO of Poker Detox

How To Use The @PokerDetox Training Program To CRUSH Both Known And Anonymous Pools:

We currently offer one training program: Poker Detox Coaching for Profits (PDCFP): Cash and MTT Here’s everything you need to know about how it works:

CFP is designed for SSNL players who are looking to be staked on a step-by-step path to high stakes. We have CFP players competing in all major pools. Pokerstars, GG, Ignition/Bodog to name a few.

Our strategy uses a data-driven approach to maximally exploit recreational players. Over 200M hands of data has shown that max-exploiting recreational players is something that most professionals are still bad at. But no one talks about it.

Learning how to maximize profits against fish is crucial, not only because the margins are bigger but also because these exploits are permanently sustainable. Fish simply do not adjust.

Our strategy against regs spans from minimally to moderately exploitative, depending on stake level and pool format. Quickly: An anonymous format is one where screen names are hidden. A known format is one where screen names are visible.

Since anonymous formats allow for more sustainable exploits vs regs, well-balanced strategies are less necessary relative to known formats. You can get away with more exploits in an anonymous pool.

In anonymous play, a moderately exploitative strategy rooted in a basic understanding of game theory is typically the best approach against all but the best HSNL regs. For CFP players competing in known pool formats, we adjust the strategy to provide more balance.

CFP cash has produced HSNL crushers in both anonymous and known pool environments. (Individual results at the end of this thread)

Here are results from a few of @PokerDetox ‘s highest performers:

Matt Marinelli (Ignition)

Andrew “OhHeyCindy” Graham (Ignition)

Stefano “Bankonota” Gennari

To hear more about our coaching program, check out this podcast:

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