Poker Detox’s Cash Game Coaching For Profits

Course summary

Our program will teach you how to CRUSH 6-max no-limit hold’em cash games. Step-by-step strategies based on the most cutting edge data analysis in the industry

Program strategy

Our goal has been to develop a poker system that is as simple and easy to learn as possible while simultaneously capturing the maximum amount of EV.

Most players believe these are competing goals. They think in order to win at poker, you have to have a complex strategy. We know this to be false, and have the results to prove it.

People make poker much more complicated than it needs to be. You don’t need a complicated strategy to win. In fact, years of research has shown us that complex strategies are more likely to lose you money for a couple of reasons… First, complicated strategies are impractical. As soon as you are under some type of performance stress, you’ll forget what you’re supposed to do and revert to your natural tendencies. For most people that means playing in a risk-averse way, and we all know what happens to scared money. Our course is built using data research from ~200 million hands. This has given us extraordinary insight into dozens of pool imbalances and how to massively exploit these tendencies.

Simply put, our method crushes.

What’s included?



Great opportunities to connect with our entire team to form lasting friendships and collaborations. We host retreats multiple times each year with the intention of cultivating a deeper connection within the team. Our most recent trips were to Cancun; November 2021, Palm Springs,CA; April 2021.


Learn to quickly and accurately predict which side of the equity threshold you are on in any given scenario.


At times it may be hard to believe the data. See it for yourself in the most commonly occurring lines in a visually appealing format. Our strategy is based on the latest findings and is updated as new data becomes available. Our course is built for online poker in 2022.

Is our program right for you?

  • If you LOVE poker and you are serious about applying yourself to the game using a scientific method
  • If you crave the support and positive influence of an elite community
  • If you value contribution and want to help others improve alongside you
  • If you are ready to give up the GTO pipe-dream and take a more relevant approach to poker
Yes it is
  • If you’re in this for short-term monetary results and you already spend most of your time thinking about moving onto other ventures after poker
  • If you prefer to study irrelevant parts of the game, like perfecting your GTO preflop ranges
  • If you are not interested in getting to high stakes or realizing your potential as a poker player
  • If beating low/mid stakes is “good enough” for you
sorry, we’re not for you

reviews / testimonials

Pierre 2KNL

I joined the team in March 2019, I was playing 25NL and breaking even. This was my rock bottom. I was at university studying things I didn’t like, I had no perspective, and my future was looking dead. I didn’t believe in my ability to make poker my career. I was stuck and therefore depressed. Luckily I found Nick’s YouTube channel. His thoughts and vision were unique and from his discourse emanated a blatant, harsh desire of reaching ultimate truth. I felt like if there was a place in poker where I belonged, it was within this community. So I decided to give poker one more shot .

This quickly became the best decision I ever made. I am now playing 10/20, having made tens of thousands of dollars, and joined the best poker community in the world. I’ve established connections with amazing humans and most of all I gained self-trust by learning how to know and accept myself through my poker journey. I couldn’t have done it without the immense support and all of the tools that Poker Detox has given me.

Vittorio 1KNL

After years of being stuck in the same paradigm, I finally found the direction I’ve been looking for. Parallel to the invaluable technical content, the mindset is treated with the same care. When you add a team of serious people, with open minds willing to help you, Poker Detox is an absolute gem in the world of poker.

Gain access to

  • up to date research findings on pool trends across all stakes
  • complex data transformed into simplified strategies
  • real-world student case studies
  • opportunities for team retreats
  • professional collaborations and friendships
  • elite Network invites for our high performing graduates

Frequently asked questions

Are there any starting requirements?
Yes, you should be an established winning player at 50nl or higher and place a high value on being apart of a growth minded culture.
How much time should I expect to devote to this course?
You should be prepared to dedicate a minimum of 25-30 hours per week to study and play. It’s preferable for students to have sufficient savings or a part time job for life expense stability. We do not recommend trying to balance this course with a demanding full-time job.
How long will my contract with Poker Detox last?
The agreement is for a minimum of 600,000 hands (1,000,000 if playing Zoom) OR 350,000 at 5/10+
Does the program cost anything to join?
No. Only your commitment and dedication.
How much of my profits do I keep?
You keep 40% of your first $50,000, 50% of your next $50,000, 60% of your next $50,000, and 70% of all profits above $150,000.
Do I play with my own money?
During the training phase, all hands will be played with the student’s bankroll (you keep 100% of the profits). Upon completion, the student is deployed into real games on a full stake.
Do you know when enrollment will be open again?
We are always accepting applications. We typically run a new flight of players every couple months depending on the demand.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.